About Hawk

Quality, Precision & Effeciency

Who We Are

Hawk have become synonymous in the delivery of specialized commercial scaffolding services. With our years of experience working with some of the UK’s largest contractors, we have developed a growing reputation for quality, precision and efficiency.

Tailored solutions – No one project is the same as the next, and we understand that our clients require a diligent and flexible approach from their scaffold partner. We recognize that our work is only as good as our people – Hawk have built an enviable workforce of skilled scaffolders and associated craftsmen in order to provide our customers with a designated team for their particular project.

Using tried and tested techniques and the very latest materials, Hawk scaffolding is a perfect fusion of professional knowledge and the very latest industry technology.

Whilst we have grown a reputation for providing scaffolding for new build and refurbishment to the commercial sector, we specialize in large scale demolition, heritage & listed buildings and conservation projects. We also have expertise in power stations and rail networks.

Through our professional agility, we believe our company delivers commercial excellence at all times.

Our mantra is simple, be the best, work with the best…

Our Team: From the Ground Up

The Directors at Hawk have been involved in the scaffolding and wider construction industry for many years. Our knowledge and earned experience have enabled us to review traditional methods and refine some of our industries techniques. When we formed Hawk Scaffolding, we did so with a simple belief that there’s always a better way.

Our business is built on solid foundations, and we have a simple mantra in our business that successful organisations are constructed from the bottom up, and not the top down.

Naturally, we have a structured management team across our business, but for us, the standard of work delivered by our skilled team is the only marque we really value.

Quality Assurance

Here at Hawk Scaffolding, we stand for nothing less than perfection. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail on and off site, and this is represented through our “eyes like a hawk” culture.

Our Business Values

Our exceptional focus: Our ability to identify the tiniest features, with unrivaled attention to detail throughout.

Our aerial viewpoint: Establishing our ‘bird’s eye view’, we see the wider picture on all construction works, safety requirements and regulative matters.

Our protective nature: The ‘Hawk’s Eye’ precious stone is believed to enhance focus, provide vision and bring protection. We embrace these values with our clients and staff alike.

Our Process – Integrated Management System

Going above and beyond industry standards is something we thrive on, and we have developed an integrated management system that provides our staff and clients with peace of mind that projects are carried out in the correct manner.

Our Building Blocks;

  • Health & Safety
  • Quality
  • Commercial
  • Audits Inspection
  • Insurance
  • Project Management
  • Design

Every job we undertake has a full complement of our management blocks, and given no one project is the same, we believe each programme of works should have the right balance of our management infrastructure. Our linear procedure model enables our business true visibility throughout the project lifecycle – our 7 step by step process;

  • Enquire
  • Meet
  • Design
  • Price
  • Deliver
  • Record
  • Review