Our Process

Our Process Integrated Management System

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Solid Foundations – At Hawk we understand the importance of procedures and a solid management infrastructure. Our ISO accreditations are a testimony to our commitment to safety and due diligence, and our intent to do business proficiently at all times.

Going above and beyond industry standards is something we thrive on, and we have developed an integrated management system that provides our staff and clients with peace of mind that projects are carried out in the correct manner.

Our Building Blocks;
• Health & Safety
• Quality
• Commercial
• Audits Inspection
• Insurance
• Project Management
• Design

Every job we undertake has a full complement of our management blocks, and given no one project is the same, we believe each programme of works should have the right balance of our management infrastructure. Our linear procedure model enables our business true visibility throughout the project lifecycle – our 7 step by step process;

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